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It will be drawn back to your throat, you either swallow the blood or choke. The best method to stop a nose bleed is to pinch it with a towel or handkerchief, this will get all the blood out

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Q: What happens if you have a nosebleed but sniff the blood back up?
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Why shouldn't you tip your head back if you get a nosebleed?

The blood can slide down your throat.

What should you not do when you have nosebleed?

You should never tilt the head back; blood running down the throat and into the stomach can make you nauseous.

When is emergency intervention needed for nosebleed?

Bleeding that continues originates from the back of the nose in most cases and will flow down the throat. If that happens, emergency intervention is needed

Can you get you nosebleed from being allergic to your dog?

yes you can and just word of advise lean forward if you lean back the blood will go down your throat hope i helped

How can severe nosebleed from the back of the nose be treated?

the nose will be packed front and/or back with cotton gauze and a rubber balloon from a Foley catheter. This treatment is not comfortable. Having no place to flow, the blood should clot

What is a posterior epistaxis?

This would be a nosebleed from the back/upper portion of your nasal cavity.

What happens if you sniff diazepam?

I you sniff a dizapam or Valium it won't do you any good until it goes down the back of your throat and gets into your stomach. So the best way to take them is orally. The are not water soluble so they won't get into your nose like cocaine or any other drug you can sniff. Hope this helps... Best of luck.....

Not first aid for a nosebleed?

I'm no professional but the best thong to do is hold the end of your nose to stop the bleeding then lift your head back to make sure no blood keeps coming, it should heal naturally

What happens if you drink someone's blood?

You will likely get sick & vomit it back out.

Why should not sniff glue?

Because it kills your brain cells (and they don't grow back ).

What happens to blood pressure as blood moves from arteries to veins?

Blood pressure decreases as blood moves from arteries to veins. For this reason, veins have valves to encourage the one-way flow of blood back to the heart.

What happens to the tricuspid and miltral valves when the heart contracts?

they open to allow the blood through then close again so the blood can't flow back