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Carpet fresheners may be poisonous. In case someone swallows the fresheners, it is advisable to take a lot of water and milk to dilute it.

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Q: What happens if you eat carpet freshener?
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Is it harmful to eat carpet freshener?

yeswell, i don't think a person will die just from eating carpet freshener. it is a chemical, though. it just depends on how much of it the person ate.

Is carpet freshener dangerous to dogs?

It depends on what brand, but usually no.

How do you get the smell of dead bird out of carpet?

Air freshener and carpet cleaner. Use vinegar solution and ventilate the room.

Is it bad to eat carpet powder?

Generally anything you eat that isn't supposed to be eaten, is cause for concern. Get your blood checked because you could be low in iron, and have anemia - or PICA. Once you get your blood levels sorted, the carpet powder eating should stop

Is anyone addicted to sniffing or smelling carpet freshener?

I am. I like to eat the Arm and Hammer carpet deoderizer Hi, I don't know how to respond to this answer so i am just going to add to the post. I was wondering how often do you eat it and what made start eating it for the first time?

What happens if you hang up an air freshener in your car and you can smell it throughout your whole car?

You found an air freshener that works!

When was Eat Carpet created?

Eat Carpet was created in 1989.

What sort of food does carpet snakes eat?


What do Carpet python eat?

they eat food

What happens if you swallow air freshener?

I'd say contact poisen control but thats just my opinion.

Can you die from eating carpet?

No...but you shouldn't eat carpet in the first place..

How do you get rid of spilled kerosene odor in car?

leave your windows down as much as you can if you can take out the object it spilled on and wash it if not clean the best you can with carpet cleaner and then spray a lot of air freshener The best air freshener to use is Freshana AIRIA Air Purifier. It will naturally get rid of the smell instantly.