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You die!

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Q: What happens if you drink butanol?
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Is water soluble in 1-butanol?

The solubility of 1-butanol in water is 90g Butanol / L Water. Butanol, being an alcohol, is slightly polar.

What is C4H9OH?

C4H9OH is the chemical formula for butanol, which is an alcohol isomer that can exist in four different forms: n-butanol, sec-butanol, isobutanol, and tert-butanol. They are commonly used as solvents, fuel additives, and in organic synthesis.

What happens when potassium dichromate reacts with butanol?

When potassium dichromate reacts with butanol, it undergoes oxidation-reduction reaction. The potassium dichromate is reduced to chromium(III) oxide and butanol is oxidized to butanal (aldehyde) or butanoic acid (carboxylic acid) depending on the reaction conditions. The color change from orange to green or blue is often observed due to the reduction of potassium dichromate.

2-butanol immersible in water why?

2-butanol is miscible with water.

What is the condensed structure of 1-butanol?

The condensed structure of 1-butanol is CH3CH2CH2CH2OH.

Is butanol a base?

In spite of the same OH group as in bases, butanol is not a hydroxide (base, alkaline) it is an alcohol (alkanol) in the organic group of compounds: they do not ionise or hydrolyse in water, no OH- ions are split off.There are 3 formula isomers of butanol: CH2OH-CH2-CH2-CH3 (1-butanol) and CH3-CH(OH)-CH2-CH3 (2R-butanol) and CH3-C(OH)H-CH2-CH3 (2S-butanol), the '2R' and '2S' butanol formula's are mirror isomers.

What is the viscosity of butanol in millipoise?

The viscosity of butanol is approximately 3.15 centipoise at room temperature, which is equivalent to 3.15 millipoise.

Why is acid catalyzed dehydration of tertiary butanol faster than that of n-butanol?

The acid-catalyzed dehydration of tertiary butanol is faster than that of n-butanol because the tertiary carbocation intermediate formed in the reaction is more stable than the secondary carbocation formed in the dehydration of n-butanol due to greater hyperconjugation and steric hindrance. This stability facilitates the elimination reaction leading to a faster overall reaction rate.

Why does butanol heat water more than methanol?

Butanol is has less polarity than methanol

Butanol weight per gallon?

The weight of butanol per gallon varies depending on the specific type of butanol. On average, n-butanol weighs approximately 6.61 pounds per gallon, while isobutanol weighs around 6.66 pounds per gallon.

Is butanol a reactant?

Yes, butanol can be a reactant in chemical reactions. It is commonly used in organic synthesis reactions to produce various products due to its ability to undergo reactions such as esterification, oxidation, and halogenation.

What is the pH of butanol?