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when you don't respect others they will start to not respect you

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you dont get respect yourself

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Q: What happens if you don't respect?
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What if we don't respect animals?

if we dont respect animals they will not respect you

How do you respect elders?

With respect, dont get them mad

Ways to respect curtural differences?

Respect them if they deserve respect otherwise dont.

Why do Filipinos respect bible?

they dont

How is TDR calculated?

Women are stupid and i dont respect them

What happens if you don't join

Nothing happens. You dont have to join if you dont want to.

Why do you need to respect teachers?

first of all they dont deserve it

What comedian is known for his phrase'' i dont get no respect''?

Rodney Dangerfield

How can you be really nice?

just be yourself and people like you for who you are and i someone dont respect thatthen dont change

What happens if a kid doesn't respect the teacher in Egypt?

They get whipped

Which comedian said 'i dont get no respect'?

Favorite phrase of Rodney Dangerfield.

Slogans for teen girls?

dont lose ur self respect