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Q: What happens if a person swallow maget eggs?
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What happens if you swallow insect eggs?

Your stomach acid would most likely kill the eggs. Depending on what laid the eggs, it may not hurt to visit a doctor just to be safe!

How do snakes swallow eggs?

Snakes have the capability to unhinge their jaws.This allows them to swallow food that is many times larger tha their heads.Such as eggs.

Do swallows lay eggs to reproduce?

*Does the swallow bird lay eggs? A characteristic of a bird is that it lays eggs. A Swallow is a bird, therefore it lays eggs.

Do garter snakes eat eggs?

No, garter snakes do not eat turtle eggs. Garter snakes prefer live and moving food and turtle eggs are generally too large for them to swallow.

How snakes and owls alike besides they both lay eggs?

they both swallow food whole.

How often do barn swallows lay eggs?

The barn swallow lays eggs once per year. They lay between 2 an 7 eggs at once. The average is 4 or 5 offspring per year.

Do bottlenose dolphins eat fish eggs?

Kinda-sorta. Bottlenose dolphins swallow most of their food whole. So if they catch a fish that's carrying eggs, the eggs will be eaten as well. But they don't go searching for fish eggs only.

What colour is swallow egg?

Swallow's eggs can be a variety of colors. Often an off white with black/brown spots. But they can be pure white, eggshell blue or pink. Sometimes these colors are spotted other times not.

What do Japanese swallow tail fish eggs look like?

they are small little green balls try google it

Do snakes eat eggs?

Yes, many species of snakes, such as king snakes and rat snakes, do eat eggs. They may consume bird eggs or reptile eggs depending on their habitat and diet. Snakes have specialized jaws that allow them to swallow eggs whole.

What happens if you swallow a tadpole?

Upon swallowing the earthworm, the worm instantly regains sight due to the exposure to blood. It the burrows into your stomach tissue and lays eggs which will continue to come out in your faeces till you die.

How long does it take for a barn swallow egg to hatch?

Barn swallow eggs typically hatch in about 14-16 days after they are laid. The incubation period is primarily carried out by the female barn swallow.