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he glows.

And then dies.

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Q: What happens if a person has too much radiation?
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What happens if a person have too much or too little amount of neurotransmitters?


What happens when a person drink too much wine?

you fall in a deep sleep.

Why is too much exposure to radiation dangerous?

Too much radiation from the sun can permanently damage your skin and could cause skin cancer.

What happens if a person eats too much fat?

Obesity, and possibly arteriosclerosis and heart disease are consequences of eating too much fat.

What can too much radiation cause?

a tornado

How much radiation is too much?

any amount, about how much you can withstand

What happens when a person takes in too much carbon dioxide?

they could suffcate and potentional die.

Can testicular cancer make you sterile?

If the radiation technician was not careful and used too much radiation it could happen but radiation machines are designed not to release too much radioactivity. Trust me no medical professional would want to use a lot of radiation because he would harm the patient and himself.

Why happens if a person has too much intake of salt in their diet?

Mainly it'll raise their blood pressure.

The ozone layer protects us from too much?

Too much ultra violet radiation. It does so by using the radiation to create more ozone and warming the upper atmosphere.

What protects us from too much UV radiation?

The ozone protects us from much UV radiation. It is present as ozone layer.

What happens if the market price starts out too high or too low?

If the prive is too high there will be less business for the person selling. If the price is too low you won't be making much profit.