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Overdose symptoms include slurred speech, twictching and involuntary muscular contractions, dizziness, slow shallow breathing, and other CNS related symptoms. If you present these symptoms consider the ER post haste, as Dilantin overdoses can be lethal. If you don't show ANY of these symptoms, or any OTHER unusual symptoms, consider yourself lucky and don't OD again.

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Q: What happens if I take more Dilantin than prescribed?
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Can you take dilantin and soma's together?

can you take dilantin and somas together

Can you take dilantin with milk?

You should take Dilantin on an empty stomach.

What happens if you take two different types of antidepressants once everyday?

If you have been prescribed the antidepressants by a psychiarist, take them as ordered. Do not take more or less than the doctor has prescribed. If you have a problem with an antidepressant call your doctor ASAP.

Is it safe to take Aleeve with Dilantin?

if you dont know dont take it

How long does it take for dilantin to stay in your system?

Dilantin: 7 to 10 days depending on body type and size but you should check with your doctor or medical professional. (Everyone is different) So what I am stating may not be true for you. Never stop taking a drug without consulting your doctor first.

What happens if you take drugs that aren't prescribed to you?

If you're lucky, you will just be cured from illnesses, you don't have.

How are aspirin misused or abused?

If you take more than prescribed.

What happens when you snort roxicodone?

You will be wasting your money. Its best absorption rate would be to take it as it is prescribed, swallow it.

How much focalin xr can you take before overdosing?

An overdose is technically more than you are prescribed. It depends on your body weight, how fast you metabolize the drug, etc... i.e. don't take more than you're prescribed :)

What happens when you take litium and seroquil?

Providing that they have been prescribed for you then you should be fine. I have a friend who is doing really well on this combination.

Is 875 mg a high dosage?

That is ridiculously high, I have never heard of anyone being prescribed more than 60 mg per day. Take it all and let us know what happens

What happens when you take a puffer and your not prescribed for it?

hi joey if you see this your brain starts to turn larger and later your brain will fall apart