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Overdose symptoms include slurred speech, twictching and involuntary muscular contractions, dizziness, slow shallow breathing, and other CNS related symptoms. If you present these symptoms consider the ER post haste, as Dilantin overdoses can be lethal. If you don't show ANY of these symptoms, or any OTHER unusual symptoms, consider yourself lucky and don't OD again.

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Q: What happens if I take more Dilantin than prescribed?
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What happens if you take more amoxicillin than prescribed?

You die.

Can you take dilantin and soma's together?

can you take dilantin and somas together

How long does it take for dilantin to stay in your system?

do you need to eat before you take dilantin

Can you take dilantin with milk?

You should take Dilantin on an empty stomach.

What happens if you take two different types of antidepressants once everyday?

If you have been prescribed the antidepressants by a psychiarist, take them as ordered. Do not take more or less than the doctor has prescribed. If you have a problem with an antidepressant call your doctor ASAP.

Is it safe to take Aleeve with Dilantin?

if you dont know dont take it

How do you wean off Dilantin?

?? Take less and less of it?

What happens legally if you take drugs?

If you take illegal drugs and are caught, you will be subject to trial for possession of a narcotic. If you take drugs that you were prescribed to take, nothing happens.

What happens if you take alprazolam with amoxicillin?

Nothing will happen. It is safe if taken as prescribed.

How long does it take dilantin to get out of your system?

15-24 hours

How much Effexor is fatal?

if you take more than prescribed, it could be fatal. If the Doctor wanted you to have more, they would have prescribed more.....

How long does dilantin stay in your system?

I've been taking Dilantin for 35 years, and now I had been tapering off. I have not passed out since then, & my doctor is wanting to take me off the Dilantin. I want to know, how long does it stay in your system.

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