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Word on the street is she was sleeping around. But that was like 3 years ago. Old news people!!!!

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Q: What happened to paul teutuls previous girlfriend Whitney?
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Where is mikey teutuls house located?

New York

When does American chopper season 7 start?

Sometime in Oct. EDIT : On February 6, 2010, TLC announced[4] that American Chopper's Season Finale scheduled for February 11, 2010 will also be the series finale, stating, "The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family and we congratulate them on a tremendously successful series run."

Where does the surname Teutul come from?

The family name Tuitel is a regular Dutch name. The combination of the letters UI in Dutch does not have an equivalent in English. Phoneticaly the American name of Teutul is close to the Dutch pronunciation of the name Tuitel. Since Teutul Senior is from Yonkers, which comes from the Dutch noble named Jonker or Jonkheer van der Donk who owned that land in the 1600-1700s it is likely that the Teutuls are from Dutch descent.

Is Paul teutul sr and Paul jr back together?

No they havent is all part of TLC's sad attempt at boosting lagging ratings. Nice try. I disagree, you're just an OCC HATER, you join the ranks of many other OCC HATERS! But that's okay because the true OCC fans way outweigh the haters. As a true fan, allow me to improve this answer. The economy: Yes, the economy world-wide is impacting upon every business! OCC is not immune to this fact of life. Does it seem like the economical downfall is the sole reason for the Teutul Dad/Son split? No, I honestly do not think this is so. And I'll tell you why because I have been following this show since the beginning. Okay, Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. of OCC have another searing issue beating down upon them every waking day aside from the ailing economy. Here's what it is. Age! Yes, I said 'age'. Paul Sr. is approaching his actual 'Senior' years as a 'Senior Citizen' and this fact cannot be denied. Paul Sr. is a man of immense pride and while many of us OCC fans thought we'd see the day where dad passed the torch off to Paul Jr. I personally feel that, again, Paul Sr.'s pride may be much more comfortable with a split rather than a passing of the torch. Hey, it's a fact of life and a fact of personality! Paul Jr. is not the young, cute son of the hard-working dad who arose from nothing and built up an empire. No, Paul Jr. I would guess is in his thirtee's now and this is an age bracket that simply does not tolerate a 'mom' or 'dad' figure in your life on any kind of daily basis.... It's just not healthy for a grown man to be working beneath his dad when he is in his thirtees. Other factors: Paul Jr. was 'slacking' alot and this has, again, to do with the lack of autonomy he has that a guy who 'owns his own business' does not experience. When you go to work to put food on your own table and feed your family, that is a huge difference from going to work at your daddy's business! Pretty clear when you see things from this point of view. It's about time (factor): It is about time, every real fan of this GREAT SHOW has always feared that one day these two lovable men would split up, but you know what when I saw this happen, I myself, had a sigh of relief and it also struck a cord of interest within me. Not like when Vin and Cody left because when that went down you simply didn't either of the two again, sadly. But I think Discovery Channel will have a vested interest to follow both Father and Son in this tough economy and to see how they each fair off out here in a very difficult situation financially where they both, somehow, must sell a lot of motorcycles to an otherwise very frugal if not outright broke audience. Challenge: Yes, it's a challege that is for sure and I think I will be very interested to see every show and follow the progress and struggles that, now, two powerful and separate entities will be putting forth for all of us fans. Creativity and gifts and talents will all have to shine from this point onwards and who knows maybe Paul Sr. and/or Paul Jr. will lead a path for the whole world to follow.. a path of love, hard work, and loyalty to all their fans over the years. I can't wait to go up to the new shop (it's huge) and show the Tuetul's my true love of their show and all their success by spending some of my money by buying their apparel and just showing my overall support to them. I love you guys a whole lot and I'm proud in every way to say that. Thanks so much for every single show guys and maybe their be so many, many more to come. Your fan, Gerard Haughey