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First he has a heart attack and his wife nurse him through and as he was recovering His wife died and it threw him off completely. He has regain his strength and remarried. He is still preaching.

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Q: What happened to Walter l Pearson?
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Is pastor Walter L Pearson jr still alive?

As of September 2021, Pastor Walter L. Pearson Jr. is still alive. He continues to be active in his ministry work.

When was Walter Beverly Pearson born?

Walter Beverly Pearson was born in 1862.

When did Walter Beverly Pearson die?

Walter Beverly Pearson died in 1917.

How old is Paster Walter L Pearson Jr?

He was born in 1950 so he is approx 62 or 63

What is the name of Adventist Pastor Walter Pearson's Second wife?

Sandra L. Holland-Pearson?

What is the birth name of Puggy Pearson?

Puggy Pearson's birth name is Walter Clyde Pearson.

Where is Walter l Pearson jr?

He became the the Pastor of the Beacon Light SDA Church in Annapolis, MD in June of 2012.

When did Homer L. Pearson die?

Homer L. Pearson died in 1985.

When was Homer L. Pearson born?

Homer L. Pearson was born in 1900.

When did Alfred L. Pearson die?

Alfred L. Pearson died on 1903-01-06.

When was Alfred L. Pearson born?

Alfred L. Pearson was born on 1838-12-28.

Did Walter L Pearson remarry after his wife died?

Passing of Sandra Pearson, wife of Pastor Walter PearsonBy: George JohnsonDate: 07/29/0932 Comment(s) Read/Add CommentEmail this story to a friend.It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Sandra (Holland) Pearson. Mrs. Pearson, wife of Elder Walter Pearson, passed away this morning, July 29. Mrs. Pearson faithfully served as the Director of Public Service Ministries and Associate Field Services Director for the Breath of Life Ministries along beside her husband who serves as the Director/Speaker.Please continue to keep the Pearson/Holland family in your prayers.