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ask your friend if he or she is suicidal

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Q: What happened if your friend has never mentioned suicide but you believe he or she is suicidal what should you do?
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What role do you think the media plays with teen suicide?

Suicidal teens can use the Internet as a tool to learn ways to cope with suicidal thoughts. Or they can get ideas on how to commit suicide

Do i die?

do assisted suicide or just suicide or you can get help to therapists to remove this g0damn suicidal attitude

What does it mean to have suicidal tendencies?

Having suicidal tendencies means experiencing thoughts or feelings of wanting to end one's own life. These thoughts can range from fleeting ideation to more persistent feelings of hopelessness and a desire to commit suicide. It's important to seek help from a mental health professional if you are experiencing suicidal tendencies.

Can someone with Peter Pan syndrome be suicidal?

anyone can be suicidal, if you or someone you know is thinking about suicide please call the Lifeline, a suicide hotline network at 1-800-273-TALK.

Is suicide against the law in Ohio?

There is nothing in Ohio's criminal code about suicide. You can be hospitalized against your will if you are suicidal.

Is suicide an evil spirit?

No, suicide is not an evil spirit. Suicide is a complex and tragic outcome of mental health issues, despair, hopelessness, and deep emotional pain. It is important to seek help and support for anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts.

What has the author L Richard Batzler written?

L. Richard Batzler has written: 'The rising tide of suicide' -- subject(s): Counseling, Prevention, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Suicidal behavior, Psychology, Suicidal behavior, Suicide, Suicide victims

What is self-immolation?

When people offer themselves as suicidal sacrifices in the name of a cause they strongly believe in, this is called self-immolation. The method of suicide is most often burning.

Is loss of a mother related to teen suicide?

Depends, are you feeling suicidal?

What has the author Lindsay M Hayes written?

Lindsay M. Hayes has written: 'Technical assistance report on suicide prevention practices within the Massachusetts Department of Correction' -- subject(s): Prevention, Suicidal behavior, Prisoners, Suicide 'National study of jail suicides' -- subject(s): Prisoners, Suicidal behavior 'Prison suicide' -- subject(s): Suicidal behavior, Prisoners, Suicide, Prevention

How do you know if you are sucidal?

If you want to kill yourself or attempt to kill yourself, you are suicidal. If you think you are suicidal, i suggest contacting a suicide hotline

What is chronic suicide?

Individuals who engage in repeated acts of suicidal behaviour eg. (Burning themselves, cutting), eventually leading to suicide