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you get helath

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Q: What happened if you drink irradiated water?
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What was happened when you drink a beach water?

when you drank a beach water you must be thirsty

Is water irradiated with X-rays harmful for us?

yes it is harmful

Can you drink any kind of water?

Actually, no. You can't drink just any kind of water. If you drink dirty water, you will get sick. Salt water can get you sick and may also kill you. What you can drink is fresh water, which you can get from stores. The water may cause expensive in some stores because of the trouble that might had happened to them or just the many processes it took to make the water clean. Hope this helped!

How did Winnie feel about all that had happened in tuck everlasting?

Well ...because Winnie was wise when she didn't drink the water from the spring water

What happened you drink urine?

If you have very low water you can drink urine for surviving although it's not veery healthy of course. it doesn't affect your organs if you drink it for 1-2 days but if you drink it too many days it can be a problem.

What would happen if uranium spilled into water?

Water pollution; it is important to know the quantity spilled, the possibility of dilution, the estimated concentration, if it is irradiated uranium, etc.

What are irradiated eggs?

CAFO eggs (um, "grocery-store" eggs) are irradiated to reduce contamination, chiefly salmonella.

What should you do if you drink lake water?

Go to the closest doctor and tell them what happened, what lake you drank from and other details. --teamhoyt

What do blue belly lizard drink?

they drink water.

What do people in kenya drink?

Water, coffee and in the summer, when there is no water to drink, they drink porcupine urine.

What do Snow Leopards drink?

snow leopards drink water but i don't which water they drink i think it is spring water

What does a warrior cat drink?

They drink water from the lake.