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I do not wish to know what happens. I am sure that no one else wants to know either. Get your unbelievably stupid and offending question off the internet.

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You will get pregnant and have twins

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Q: What happen when a boy nut in your mouth?
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What is a nutcracker?

a nutcracker is a wooden doll dressed as a solider. you put the nut in his mouth to crack the nut note: it is also a boy's penis (the weenie. the thing they pee with)

What will happen if you french kiss a boy and throw your tonger to the end oof his mouth?

He explodes

Did she have a mouth full of nut?

I dont get it.

What is a nut on your chin?

It is a dick in your mouth.

What does nut in your mouth mean?

Really wow

What will happen if a boy pees in your mouth?

Peeing in someone's mouth without their consent is a form of sexual assault and is illegal. It can be psychologically damaging and cause physical harm due to exposure to bacteria and toxins in urine. Seek immediate help from authorities and a healthcare professional if this happens to you.

How do you eat a nut?

open your mouth take your nut in your right hand, gently slide into the cuspodes of your mouth. let it slide down almost to your esohphogus, then gently remove then repeat

What does it mean to bag someone?

To dip the nut sack into ones mouth

Is Nut the Egyptian god a girl or a boy?


Can blood poar out of your mouth when you have mouth herpes?

Nope, I have it and never had that happen.

What will happen if you light a nut on fire?

The nut will get burnt. It's pretty hard to light a nut on fire, and even if it does catch on fire, it will go out in less that 5 seconds.

How do yoiu kiss a boy?

well he has to have his mouth in front and then you need to have your mouth on the side of his face