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You will need to see a doctor.

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Q: What happen if you hurt seriously while playing?
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What would most likely happen in a slapstick comedy?

someone falls down, but he or she is not seriously hurt

What would happen if a dog got attacked by a mountain lion?

it would get very seriously hurt or might even die.

What is the past of hurt?

The past tense of hurt is hurt. For example: "She hurt her ankle while playing soccer."

Do you usually get hurt playing soccer?

Sometimes players get hurt playing soccer, like if they strain a muscle, trying to get the ball, and also some people get kicked if another player misses their target. Small injuries are common, and major ones only happen once in a while.

Does playing guitar hurt your feet?

If you stand up for hours while you're playing, possibly.

What do you do if you seriously like a girl but she has a boyfriend?

Maybe try finding out if shes happy with her boyfriend. If shes not then something could eventually happen. If she is, and you seriously like her, it may hurt but you should know that theres nothing you can do

Why does one get hurt seriously while jumping on a hard floor?

because the floor is getting its revenge on you jumping on it so hard!

Were you ever hurt seriously while you were playing?

When your classmate say: ''Allan please joined to play in the play ground'' and Allan says ''Sure,why not'' and Allan is join so Allan hurt and say ' Mommy!Mommy! ' and her Mommy asked '' Allan why you are going to the play ground '' Allan answer ''Mommy my classmate says I join to the play ground and I answer YES so I hurt '' '' THE END ''

How do you make up a sentence using hurt?

The child fell down from the ladder and got hurt badly.

What factor has seriously hurt tourism in north africa and southwest asia?

Militancy has seriously hurt tourism in north Africa and southwest Asia.

Where would you get hurt while playing rugby?

everywhere but the most would be inbetween the legs

Is it possible to hurt yourself while playing polo?

Sure, you can fall off your horse.