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Get emergency medical care

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Q: What happen if you Accidentally splited petrol in your eye?
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What would happen if you poured petrol down your Japanese eye?

after a while it would be irritating

Is petrol poison?

It can be poisonous. Petrol is gasoline. But if you use it it may blow your eye off and kill you !

Can you have one eye?

accidentally yes, are you familiar with Pirate movies?

What should you do if you accidentally burned your eye ball while curling your hair?


What will happen if the eye is not there?

You would have to have a glass eye.

Accidentally splashed in the eye with an acidic cleaning solution?

Rinse your eye with water for 15 minutes, preferably at an eye wash station. You need to hold your eye open while you are rinsing it.

What can happen if you use vissine everyday?

what can happen if you use clear eye (eye drops) everyday

What can happen to your eye from a camera flash?

You can become blind in an eye

When did The Eye of Typhoon happen?

The Eye of Typhoon happened in 1996.

When did The Eye of Judgment happen?

The Eye of Judgment happened in 2007.

What is the sentence for an idiom eye wash?

The nurse instructed the patient about how to do an eye wash.A simple eye wash is plain tap water.An eye wash can remove chemicals, like perfume, that were accidentally sprayed into the eyes.

What happen to the capillaries around your eye when you get a bruise or a black eye?

you eye will be black and white .