What happen if mchc if low?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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MCHC is the mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration of your blood. This is an estimate of the concentration of hemoglobin in a given number of packed red blood cells. Hemoglobin is what carries oxygen to the cells of our body. If the concentration of hemoglobin is too low, then our body tissues and cells are not getting enough oxygen. In the brain, not enough oxygen results in confusion, changes in level of consciousness, coma, etc. In the heart, not enough oxygen results in heart attack. In body tissue, there will be overall fatigue and possible paralysis.

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Q: What happen if mchc if low?
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What does a low level of MCHC MEAN?

MCHC(mean corpuscular hb conc.)low level is found in microcytic hypochromic anaemia.

What does it mean when your mchc is low?

When one has a low MCHC, it means that their mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration is low. It can mean that a person has iron-deficiency anemia.

What does a Low MCHC count mean?

My MCHC test came back 31.6 is this a concern it says the range is 31.8-35.4

What does low MCHC mean in a blood test?

could indicate anemia

What does a low MCHC count mean 317?

recent mchc slightly low at 317 also b12 has been slightly low at 184 and also had bowel lesion removed september last year, tubullovillous adenema with mild dysplasia - could all these be related?

What does the medical abbreviation MCHC mean?

MCHC stands for mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration. It is used in conjunction with other data from the CBC to determine possible causes when a patient has a low red blood cell count (anemia).mean corpuscular haemoglobin

What influence does the patient's history have on an increased MCHC?

Increased MCHC could be indicative of hereditary spherocytosis. A family history of the this disorder can help in diagnosis. Other causes of increased MCHC are hemolysis, lipemia, and cellular dehydration syndromes.

What do you do if MCHC is high?

Drink more fluids

What does a low MCHC count mean-31.7?

bordeline of macrocytic anemia, which could be a folic acid deficiency, liver disease, hereditary spherocytes or B-12 deficiency

What is the difference between MCH and MCHC?

MCHC it's how much of the volume in one erythrocyte is occupied by meoglobin. MCHC=(Hb%/pcv%) *100 normal value = 30%-38% while MCV it's the amount of hemoglobin in one erythrocyte. mcv = (pcv/RBCs)*10 normal value 27-32pg (picogram)

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For a material with low viscosity the flowing is easier.

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