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Millions of them.

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Q: What germs are spread with mucus?
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Why do you produce more mucus when you are sick?

When you are sick, your body's immune system responds to the infection by increasing mucus production. Mucus helps trap and flush out pathogens from the body, helping to protect your airways and respiratory system. This increased mucus production is a defensive mechanism to help eliminate the virus or bacteria causing the illness.

Can teddy bears spread germs?

Everything spreads germs ''Yes'' they spread germs.

Can germs spread?

Germs spread by any way. By air water and humans and animals. Many Germs can spread by touching the face or hands.

What does the mucus in your nose do?

trap dust and germs and kill them

How mucus can procted the body?

it procted um....... germs and allergens !!!!!!!!!!!! it procted um....... germs and allergens !!!!!!!!!!!!

What are some of the ways that germs can be spread from person to person?

Germs can be spread in many ways from person to person. Physical contact such as handshakes or hugging can lead to the spread of germs. Drinking after another person can also lead to the spread of germs. It is best to avoid contact with individuals who are sick.

How do vectors spread germs?

Vectors are the transportation means of germs.

Why do you have so much mucus when you're sick?

it clears out all the germs

Where does disease spread?

By germs

How many germs on average are spread from person to person a day?

alot of germs are spread and that's skillious dude

Do germs spread slowly?

Depends on the germs and the atmosphere. Ie. Temparture

What do the hairs in your nose and the mucus in your throat accomplish when you inhale?

They filter germs and pollutants.