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Q: What generates its own electrical impulse spontaneously?
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Automaticity of the heart?

It is the ability of the heart to send an electrical impulse on its own.

Is there any risk for a pacemaker patient and electrical muscle stimulation by a chiropractor?

Yes there absolutely is. To put it in it's most basic terms, the heart has electricity running through it. When you get an EKG at the cardiologists office, those lines are measures of the electrical activity of the heart. The pacemaker fires an electrical impulse when it detects that heart did not fire an electrical impulse on its own. By adding electricity via electrical muscle stimulation, you will run the very high risk of confusing the pacemaker. Just don't do it.

Do cars use electrisity?

Yes. Cars use a battery to start then once the engine is running it generates its own electricity to operate all the electrical items on board.

What electrical device powers the RFID?

The RFID is powered by its own antenna. When in the presence of a pulating magnetic field, the antenna generates a signal that can power up the RFID, causing it to generate its code on top of that field.

Why doesn't a match spontaneously combust?

A match can't spontaneously combust because it need someone or something to strike it. It can't combust on it's own TRC

What is a large ball of gas that generates its own energy called?


How would you remove the top of the dash on a 2000 buick lasabre without setting off the air bag?

Disconnect the car battery ... without an electrical impulse from any number of sensors, the air bag is rather unlikely to expand on its own.

Does non-living things can produce their own kind?

No. Crystals can grow, but they do it spontaneously, and only if conditions are right.

Where would you get alternating current?

You can manufacture your own alternating current, using an oscillator and amplifier capable of outputting significant power. But it's a lot easier to just get it from one of the electrical outlets in your house, since that's what the utility company generates and distributes.

Is your sun a planet that reflects light?

The sun is a star that generates it's own light.

Why is it possible to create a fouls image in someone mind?

Remember that is has been happening for a long time think of a person loving another person and that feeling being unrequited ... A fouls thought was placed into that person mind ...There are a number of way that images and thoughts can be placed in side of a persons mind as they sleep I'll confide the most believable ... Hypnosis is probably the best known way to enter a persons mind while there is a altered state which can cause changes in the way people feel, think, and behave, although contrary to popular belief they do still remain theoretically in control of their actions and are being manipulated ... This next theory is Electrical Waves the human body is controled by the Brain which communicates threw electrical impulse if these impulse can be manipulated by either the addition of electrical currents or the deprivation of the body own electrical impulse memories can be implanted or completely swiped clean ...

Does the impulse cross the neuromuscular junction when a muscle contracts?

No, the impulse traveling down the axon ends at the axon terminal but causes the axon terminal to release neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters diffuse across the synaptic cleft causing the sarcolemma of the muscle to initiate its own impulse.