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The four ways that poisons can enter the body are by absorption, inhalation, injection(bleed), and ingestion.

If someone is poisoned, then I guess you should call 911 for an ambulance because you are dying from poison and you don't know how to cure it.

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Q: What four ways can enter the body and what should you do if someone is poisoned and why?
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If you have been poisoned how long after can the poison still be detected in your blood or hair?

It depends on what has poisoned you, and how much poison has gotten into your body.

What happens if you drink bad water from Death Valley?

IT WILL CAUSE your body poisoned

How would not having a excretory system effect your body?

Well, if you didn't have an excretory system, all of the waste in your body would begin to build up, and eventually your body would be poisoned by the waste it created and the body would die.So, with the excretory system, your body isn't slowly poisoned to death by the waste it creates.

How does hydrogen enter the body?

How does hydrogen enter the human body?

Where do you go if you get poisoned?

Many people die after being poisoned since the poison destroys the organs in the body. Sometimes, the doctors can stop the poisoning if caught early enough.

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Which part of the body blood do not enter it?

which part of the body doesn't enter the blood

If metabolic wastes are not removed from the organism?

The organism will be poisoned. --------------------------------------- True, for instance someone with renal (kidney) failure will die without dialysis or a kidney transplant - (the kidneys remove metabolic waste from the blood).

Is it ok to eat diarrhea?

no its not OK, it can kill you, because it acts exactly like poison. it comes out from your body, and if it stays for more than one day your blood will be poisoned, so if you eat it you will be poisoned.

How do Barbiturates enter the human body?

Barbiturates enter the body orally. You can swallow, eat, and drink it.

How does cocaine enter the body?

Cocaine can enter the human body by the nose or the mouth. You can snort it or sniff it.

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To oxygenise the body.