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Q: What foods are okay to eat when you have dairrhea?
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Why am i gaining weight?

Because you eat too much junk foods like, eating too much is okay as long as you feel okay doing it but eat HEALTHY too much foods and you will be great =)

What is dairrhea?

It is when the bowel movement is runny instead of solid.

What foods are okay to eat once in a while when obese?

Any food is fine to eat once in a while. It is the amount that is more important.

Is it okay to eat tomatoes if you have gout?

It is OK to eat tomatoes if you have gout, tomato's are one of the low risk foods for gout sufferers.

What foods should be eaten?


Is it okay eat crayons through my bum?

It is not alright to eat crayons for your bum. Your bum is used for eliminating foods after they have gone through the digestive process.

Is it okay for a pregnant woman to eat preserved foods?

You should avoid preserves, cured or smoked meat, and things with nitrates.

Can hamsters have pemuttbrittle?

Okay first off your spelt peanut brittle wrong. And no they should eat human foods that have a ton of sugar in it.

What are foods to eat and not?

Foods to eat are natural foods. Foods not to eat are junk food and less healthier foods.

What can you do to a toilet?

eat some really gassy foods and crap man crap. anyway, when you are done, it will kill it selft when it sees your butt. okay i

Why is eating a lot of fried foods is not good for your health?

Most of the time, fried foods are cooked with fats that have trans fats in them. They also tend to have a lot of salt. Too much trans fats and sodium is bad for most people. It's okay to eat fried foods once in a while. Cut down on the salt and trans fats and they should be okay.

Can chickens eat hummus?

As long as it hasn't spoiled, it is okay as in small amounts occasionally. It is not really good for chickens to get a lot of moist foods, as it can sour their crops.