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Pain Medication is known to cause constipation, simply because they slow your entire body down, including your digestive system.

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Q: What food or medicine causes constipation?
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What causes joey constipation?

Not enough water. The milk you feed him/her is their food they do need to be fed water.

Does aspirin cause constipation?

aspirin alone may not causes constipation aspirin combine with codeine or caffeine causes constipation

Does Rice causes constipation?


What causes a kittten's anus to protrude out?


What causes constipation and ulcers?

Playing football

What causes small hard poop?


Is evict a right medicine for constipation during pregnancy?

Before taking any medicine for constipation during pregnancy, ask your doctor. Many doctors will advise you not to take any medications while pregnant and can provide natural alternatives for treating constipation that will not harm the baby.

What causes diverticulosis?

Constipation or Apendicitis

What causes left sided pain and constipation?

There are several things that may cause left sided pain and constipation. Some of the common causes include gynecological issues, gastrointestinal causes and much more.

Can you take Duloxotene and Dothiepin liquid together?

It is never a good idea to take medicine for constipation with a medicine that will make you sleepy. Think about it.

What is included in alternative medicine treatment of IBS?

Laxatives would help with the constipation and loperamides would help with diarrhea. But it is important to treat the spasmodic colon too.. I would check out this product called Donnatal... on their website it says it is used to treat symptoms of IBS, including spasms in the colon, which causes the diarrhea, constipation, etc.

What are some causes of chronic constipation?

The most common causes of chronic constipation are stress, lack of fiber in your diet, and diet changes. Also there are actual diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome and dyssynergic defecation.