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Lifting weights

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Edgxr A.

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lifting weights I thought it was swimming laps but it’s lifting weights

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Melanie Locker

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Lifting weights

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What is a good anaerobic workout?

Lifting weights.

What of this is not A good anaerobic workout?

Playing badly

What part of swimming is aerobic and anaerobic?

When you are doing high-volume workouts, with a good amount of breathing, this is an aerobic swimming workout. Anaerobic swimming workouts have to do with sprinting. However, simply sprinting, even if it is on a pace clock, does not make the workout anaerobic. By extending the rest period, and demanding the maximal speed of the athlete during springs, is an anaerobic swimming workout.

How many stride on an elliptical is a good workout?

I do not think it is the "number of strides." It is achiving your THR (target heart rate) and maintaining that rate x 20-30 minute that constitutes an good workout.

Should one of the following are good workout options for this course?

all of the above

Which of the following is not a good cardio-respiratory workout option?

Doing yoga stretches.

Where can I find some good online workout planners?

Yes, the internet offers great workout plans and planners for download for your training sessions. My favorite workout planner is found at the following website

Where can I find some good dance workout videos online?

You can find some great dance workout videos online at the following sites I have included . This one is the ten best dance workout videos.

What constitutes quack leadership?

Disney is the one who constitutes quack leadership. This is a good children cartoon.

What is the direct object in this sentence The baseball coach gave a good workout to her players.?

a good workout.

Is pushing an SUV a good workout?

Pushing an SUV is a good workout. Just like NFL's Walter Jones, he pushes an SUV around for off season workout.

A good workout that's good for your butt?