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Q: What five ways that your body needs water in order to function properly?
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Why does rice need water in order to cook properly?

The rice needs to absurd water to get bigger or it would burn

What chemicals the body needs to function properly?

Examples: lipids, hydrocarbons, proteins, water, oxygen, vitamins, enzymes etc.

What are the health needs of a growing body?

In terms of nutritional health needs a human body needs carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and of course, water to grow and function properly.

How much water does your brain need?

The brain requires about 20% of the body's total water intake to function properly. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day to ensure optimal cognitive function and overall health. The exact amount of water needed can vary depending on factors such as age, gender, and activity level.

Why must roots be wet to function properly?

Roots need to be wet in order to function properly because water is essential for the absorption of nutrients. When roots come into contact with moisture, they are able to take up water along with dissolved nutrients through their root hairs. The water also helps to maintain turgor pressure, which gives the roots the necessary rigidity to anchor the plant in the soil.

Why is water a nutrition even though most of the water you take in doesn't come from food?

Water is a nutrient despite the fact that it isn't food because it has functions that the body needs. The body's cells, for example, will not function without hydration from water itself. In order to properly use the assimilated and absorbed key nutrients on a cellular level, the body needs water to help transport them and continue the metabolism/energy cycle.

Which body part needs water to function?

Your whole body, including you brain, needs water to function or else you'll become dehydrated.

Can one survive without the digestive system?

No you cannot. Your body needs to absorb energy from somewhere (food) and needs to get water so your brain and pretty much every other part of your body can function properly.

Why does the brain need water?

The brain needs water to function properly because it uses water to transport nutrients, remove waste, and regulate various bodily processes. When the brain is dehydrated, it can lead to decreased cognitive function, impaired memory, and difficulty focusing. Drinking enough water helps maintain optimal brain function.

Starving for 5 days?

Straving for 5 days (for whatever reason, mental, religious, ect.) is not good. The body needs food and water to stay alive, healthy, and to function properly.

Occurs when your body lacks the water it needs to function?


How is water related to a cell function?

Because water needs air like a cell