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It is called the third finger, or by hard analysis "the Saturn finger."In terms of a medical reference, it would be broken into 4 parts; the metacarpal, proximal phalange, intermediate phalange, and distal phalange

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Q: What finger do doctors call your middle finger?
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What finger do doctors call your annular finger?

Ring finger

Why do they call your middle finger a bird?

The middle finger is called a bird because birds have a long association with taunting.

What are the five fingers called?

A normal human doesn't have five fingers on one hand. You only have four because you call you pinky the pinky fingerand you call your ring the ring finger, you call the middle the middle finger, you call the index the index finger. But you don't call the thumb the thumb finger it is just a thumb. So you really only have four fingers not five.

What is the longest finger on your hands?

Everyone thinks that your middle finger is the longest finger on your hand, but according to doctors, the thumb (which is counted as a finger) is the longest. Your thumb does not end at the crease, it ends at the bone close to your wrist. your thumb is the longest finger on your hand!

What do you do you jus cut off your finger?

Call an ambulance. If you have the detached finger put it in a bag and give it to the doctors, although they may or may not be able to reattach it.

What finger is the the Chinese middle finger?

The pinky is the Chinese middle finger A chicken finger is the Chinese middle finger. Improved answer: The pinky is NOT the Chinese middle finger. I know, because I'm Chinese! The middle finger is the same. Also, where in the world did you get chicken finger from?

Is the middle finger a finger?

Yes the middle finger is a finger! You just called it one!

What is the Ratio of middle finger to index finger?

holding your middle finger ang your index finger up at the same time means the middle finger in french!!

Which finger is your index finger?

The finger which is on the right side of your middle finger in the right hand or the finger between the thumb and the middle finger.

Which finger is the Chinese middle finger?

I believe that the Chinese swearing finger is the pinkie.

What is the name of your middle finger?

The medical name for the middle finger is Digitus Me'dius. The middle finger is generally the longest finger that a person has and aids the thumb in finger snapping.

What finger is your ring finger?

Your ring finger is the finger between your middle finger and your pinky.