What falls but never gets hurt?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What falls but never gets hurt?
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What often falls but never gets hurt?

It is RAIN. Also, a cat because it uses its legs and doesn't get hurt.

Who gets hurt in duggar in danger- 19 kids and counting?

Jason falls 12 feet.

What if someone falls on your property and gets hurt?

you are liable and on your homewoners insurance has medical pay and liability.

What if someone falls on your place of business and gets hurt?

Run away and blame it on someone else! LOL!

If an elephant gets hurt do you kiss his boo boo?

Nope. You never kiss an elephant.

Who gets hurt most when a man falls in love outside his marriage?

The wife and any children get hurt the most when a man falls in love outside of his marriage.ANSWER:I agreed it will be the wife and if they have children they will be affected to. And the worst scenario here is when this married man end up falling in love with his mistress, his marriage will be impossible to fix, no matter what he do. The mark is already given and the life will never be the same..

Will snorting librax hurt the kungs?

No, snorting anything won't hurt your lungs, it never gets there O.o But why the hell would you snort librax?

What breaks but never falls and falls but never breaks?


Does home owners insurance cover accidental falls?

It depends on the circumstances. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover some of the medical expenses if a person falls and gets hurt on the homeowners property, but only if the homeowner was negligent.

What is the resolution of Rumpelstiltskin?

the queen gets to keep her baby and rumpelstiltsken falls down three stories and is never seen again

What happens when your parakeet falls?

well i dont know exactly what happens when your parakeet falls but when i let my parakeet out he accidently hit his head then fell then got up and continued flying nothing bad happened to my parakeet so i dont think parakeet gets hurt when it falls

I have dreams about a boy from preschool I always tell him I love him he never gets hurt but I wake up crying what does it mean?

To answer this question I'm gong to need more info, does he get hurt in any of these dreams does he get hurt at all?