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i dont know ,plz some one give the answer

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Q: What factors influence the formation of new goals?
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What factors are necessary for the formation of new species?


What factors are involved in the formation of new species?

reproductive isolation

What does Memory depends on?


What are some things that influence the growth of any language?

Some factors that influence the growth of a language include cultural exchange, technological advancements, migration patterns, globalization, and economic development. These factors can introduce new vocabulary, changes in grammar, and new ways of communicating within a language.

What are the factors that influence the differences among learners?

Factors that influence differences among learners include cognitive abilities, prior knowledge, motivation, learning styles, cultural background, and individual experiences. These factors can impact how individuals engage with and process new information, affecting their learning outcomes and preferences.

What were England's goals for exploring the new world?

England's goals for exploring the New World included finding new trade routes, resources such as gold and silver, acquiring land for settlement, expanding their empire, and spreading Christianity. They also sought to establish colonies to increase their wealth and influence.

During the first half of the 1800 geographic factors influence the economy of New England by?

promoting the growth of trade and manufacturing

What were the factors in the formation of the New England Confederation?

solution to trade, boundry, and religious disputes defense attacks by the french, dutch, or the indians. M.B.C , plymouth, connecticut, new heaven alliance. it was a federation.

What are three factors that might influence a school board's decision on where to locate a new school?

Three factors that might influence a school board's decision on where to locate a new school are: -Population (enough kids in the area) -Near popular neighborhoods, not in an inconvenient place in the middle of no where. -Enough land to build a school (build a park, school yard...etc.)

What were the goals of US Imperialism?

Expansion and the creation of new markets are some of the most important goals of the Imperialism. They also wanted to make Christianity stronger.

What is the goal of cystocele repair?

The goals of cystocele repair are to relieve a patient's symptoms, to improve or maintain urinary and sexual function, to return pelvic structures to their original position, and to prevent the formation of new defects

What are spiral density waves responsible for?

They initiate new star formation. Therefore they are responsible for the formation of new stars.