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Q: What factors do not influence the discretionary decisions of individual officers?
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What places important limits on the discretionary activities of individual officers?


What factors do you think influence whether a police officer arrests a person or not?

There are unlimited reasons to why officers make the decisions that they do.Whether or not probable cause exists.Whether or not the statute requires an arrest.Whether or not arresting the individual is convenient.The likelihood of the individual becoming violent or attempting to flee.Whether or not the victim wants charges pressed.The nature of the crime and whether the officer believes it will be repeated.

Where are decisions on the house officers actually made?

The decisions about officers in the House of Representatives are made in the party caucus offices. These are usually near the partly leaders' offices.

What influence did officers and the nobility have over the colony?

Britain had the most influence

What factors affect an officers discretion?

The "5 Questions." Who? - What? - When? - Where? - How?, are the factors that must be taken into consideration when investigating a case. The question "Why" does not factor into the investigation because the investigator is not concerned with the perpetrators motive - only the fact that a crime was committed.

Can two parolees cohabitate in Illinois?

Yes, provided their individual Parole Officers give permission.

How do you increase the respect for police officers?

That is entirely up to the individual officer. Respect is not given, it is earned.

Are cabinet officers responsible to congress?

implementing the president's program in a particular area while also attempting to influence the president's policies in that area.

If you have a bachelor's degree can you be a naval officer?

Yes, that is a possibility. However, the individual must graduate Officers Candidate School.

Do policemen agree for the age of the driving to be lowered?

There may be some individual police officers that agree it should be but overall they do not.

Do police officers in Connecticut have the legal right to enter a home if pursuing a suspect?

Yes, if they are in "fresh pursuit" of the individual.

Why do officers wear their rank on their shoulders and enlisted on their sleeves?

US military officers wear their rank on their shoulders and enlisted personnel wear their rank on their sleeves. This is meant to be symbolic of the fact that the enlisted use their arms (strength) to win battles. Officers on the other hand have the weight of command (decisions) on their shoulders . Thus, the tradition follows.