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The only one i saw up to now is episode 8, i still don't know the others.

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123 ;)

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Q: What episodes do akito and sana kiss?
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Which scene did sana and akito kiss?

That i know of they kiss in episodes 8, 38, and 102. They're such a cute couple

Do sana and akito kiss?


When do sana and akito kiss in kodocha?

In the anime he kissed her at episode 38.

How much times sana and akito kiss?

Episode 8, 38 and 102. (I think that's them all)

What episode of kodocha does akito see sana on the billboard?

Episode 37 Karate and Trumpet Compete for a Kiss.

What episode does akito get a girlfriend in kodocha?

Akito goes out with Fuka in episode 57. To be her fake boyfriend, so she won't lose face to her old friends. Later on in the series she starts to develop feelings for him but she knows that Akito loves Sana and Sana does too. So she breaks up with him and Sana and Akito go out with each other, this time with real love.

What happends on kodocha manga?

well akito has to move to new los angless because of his dad and sana and akito are a couple

What episode of kodocha do akito and sana get stuck in the vent?

In episode 101,102

Are sana and akito together?

It has been said and seen that Akito gets a girlfriend in middle school but then later on in the series they break up because Fuka (his gf) knows he loves Sana. Later on again in the series they end up together. That's what I've seen on the internet....That is true, but the only reason Akito starts going out with Fuka in the seventh grade is because Sana is on location filming a movie for 3 months. During this time, the tabloids print gossip about Sana and her co-star and friend, Naozumi. Fuka asks Akito to pretend to be her boyfriend, because her old flame is coming for a visit with his new girlfriend. Afterwards, she feels sorry for him and asks him for real. Akito says yes, but all the while he still loves Sana. During location, things change for Sana and she realizes that she really loves Akito. Then Naozumi confesses his love for Sana but she turnes him down. Two months later, Sana is back in Tokyo with her friends only to find out that even they believed the rumors. Akito and Fuka are shocked.Then on an interview, Naozumi tells the whole world watching that Sana is in love with someone else. Akito figures it out, and they both confess that they love each other (but for Akito, with difficulty). Fuka overhears and refuses to break up with him. But soon she realizes the truth and Sana and Akito can finally be together... after some turbulence which I won't tell you about. You need to read the end for yourself!

What episode does akito confess to sana?

In episode 65 they both confess.Sana just realizes a few episodes in advance, but Naozumi says on an interview that he likes Sana, but Sana likes someone else at school. Akito figures out it must be him, so he asks Sana for the truth. You'll have to see to find out the rest! ;)I watched all the episodes until this because I was so interested. Not that I wasn't planning on it in the first place, but it gave me a better reason :D

Does akito dump fuka?

No. Fuuka lets him go to Sana. It was Fuuka who dumped him.

What is the anime Child's Toy about?

Child's Toy is mostly known as Kodocha.The main characters of Kodocha are Sana and Akito, along with their friends at school, in Sana's work, and their families.Sana Kurata (倉田紗南 ,Kurata Sana?) Voiced by:Shizue Oda (Japanese), Laura Bailey (voice actress) (English)At the start of the series, Sana is an 11-year-old child star who is exuberant, cheerful and generally outgoing. Because a boy named Akito Hayama is causing chaos in her classroom, and she sets out to stop him. However, as she learns more about him learns to become compassionate for Akito. Sana began her acting career at the Kowamari Theater Troupe, and now stars in a popular variety program called Child's Toy, as well as television commercials. During the course of the series, her career flourishes, and she stars in TV dramas and a feature film among other projects. However, when Fuka comes in the series, her relationship with both Fuka (her new friend) and Akito crumbles and all three are left hurting. Fuka, who asks Akito out, becomes his "girlfriend". Sana in the meantime is in the mountains starring in a movie and doesn't know about this, and cannot call Hayama or Fuka. Naozumi tells her he loves her, but Sana remains faithful to her love for Akito which is revealed during a night with Asako. She matures quickly during the series but, in her heart, remains a true child.Akito Hayama (羽山秋人 ,Hayama Akito?) Voiced by: Tatsuya Nakazaki (Japanese), Jerry Jewell (English)Akito is sullen boy of few words and physically strong, with a powerful karate chop. At the beginning of the series, it is shown that Akito has acrophobia. Akito's mother died when giving birth to him, which leads to his older sister Natsumi resenting him, frequently becoming angry with Akito and calling him "Demon Child." In addition, Akito has a distant relationship with his father, who works long hours. Despite his troublemaking ways, Akito is smart and gets good grades. His friendship with Sana softens his behaviour, and she helps him have a better relationship with his family. Although capable of cruelty, Akito has his own code of honor: even the teacher who he terrorizes will admit that Akito will never lie, and Akito refuses to pretend to be nice to anyone he doesn't like or respect. Inspired in part by Sana's devotion to her acting career, Akito takes karate classes. He always gets jealous when he sees Sana with another boy. As he puts it, "he doesn't hate her." Later in the series, he becomes angry with the so-called oblivious Sana is unaware of his love for her, even though he had kissed her three times throughout the entire series. He then tells her that "he has always loved her, even though he didn't say anything".