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Q: What element is delivered to the body by the respiratory system?
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What element is delivered the body by the respiratory system?


Where is the respiratory system?

our respiratory system is in our body

What does the respiratory system do for the body?

how does the respiratory system work

The role of the respiratory system is to bring what subtance into the body?

The respiratory system brings oxygen into the body.

How does the digestive system depend on the respiratory and the cardiovascular system?

The digestive system requires oxygen, which is brought into the body through the respiratory system. The digestive system also needs nutrients, which along with oxygen are delivered to the digestive tissues by the cardiovascular system. The digestive system absorbs nutrients for the rest of the body and generates wastes such as carbon dioxide; these nutrients and wastes need to be removed from the digestive system by the cardiovascular system, and the respiratory system excretes the carbon dioxide from the body.

What is the overall function of the respiratory system?

The function of the respiratory system is to provide the body with oxygen. Oxygen enters the body through the respiratory system and is carried in blood throughout the body.

What body systems work with The Respiratory System?

I think the respiratory system works with all of the body systems we have.

What happens to the body if the respiratory system stops working?

If the respiratory system stops working, the body dies.

What parts of the body makes up the respiratory system?

What parts of the body makes up the respiratory system

Which system expels carbon dioxide from the body?

The lungs of the respiratory system expel carbon dioxide from your body.

What body system moves gases in and out of your body?

the respiratory system

Which body system brings oxygen to the body?

The Respiratory System.

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