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Lead is usually used because of its density and ability to block electromagnetic radiation.

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Lead is commonly used for X-Ray shields.

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It would be an Other Metal, Lead(Pb).

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Q: What elememt is used for radiation shields?
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What element is used in heavy metal used paints and radiation shields?


Is heavy metal used in paints batteries and radiation shields?


What layer of gas shields organisms from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation?

The ozone layer shields us from ultraviolet radiation.

What is the element used to make the shields at the dentist?

Lead is used in the shields at the dentist to stop x-ray radiation used to take pictures of your teeth from passing through the organs in your chest and torso.

What are heavy metal used in paint batteries and radiation shields?

Heavy metals as lead retain nuclear radiations.

What gas is called the natural shield against the radiation?

Ozone shields against incoming UV radiation

What Heavy metal in paint and radiation shields?

It is Lead, Pb plumbus.

How dangerous is the radiation belt around earth?

It's not dangerous to people on earth, because the atmosphere shields us from the radiation.

What elememt is named after a country?


What essantial gas shields us from ultraviolet radiation?

O3, aka ozone.

What gas shields living organisms from exposure to lethal unltraviolet radiation?


An isotope that's element is used in nuclear shields?

Depleted uranium, which is mostly Uranium-238 is used for shielding gamma radiation. Though it is radioactive, it has a very long half life, and is very effective against gamma radiation. The result is that it makes a pretty good shield.