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Potassium, mag snd sodium serum level

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Q: What electrolytes are important to monitor while taking Digoxin?
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Why you must shake digoxin syrup before use?

Why did the patient shake digoxin Elixir before taking it?Read more: Why_did_the_patient_shake_digoxin_Elixir_before_taking_it

Should Pregnant women avoid taking Digoxin?

It rather depends why she would be taking it. Assuming she's been prescribed it her doctor - she should follow his advice. If the doctor thought there was any risk to the developing foetus, he wouldn't prescribe it.

What lab value to monitor with someone taking aspirin?

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What is digitalis or a drug called digoxin?

Digitalis has got digoxin and digitoxin in the extract of the plant Digitalis lanata. Digitoxin has got very long half life and should not be used in therapeutics. Digoxin is drug of therapeutic value. It is very good drug for congestive heart failure. Digoxin has very unique mode of action. It takes less oxygen for heart to do the same amount of work. Alternately, your heart work more with the same amount of oxygen, when on digoxin. You may give the loading dose of two tablets of 0.25 mg. Fallowed by one after say twelve hours. Then 3/4 tablet daily after 24 hours. When there is no urgency, you should give 3/4 tablet daily, from the begining. You may need to give potassium supplement in some, specially when the patient is taking no food for a day or two. With signs of toxic effects, you should stop the drug. The rule of thumb is 'Nausea'. When the patient feels like vomiting, he may be getting overdose of digoxin. Otherwise, there may be hypokalemia or low level of potassium. Most common cause for the same is no food intake or loose motion. If you continue to give digoxin, patient will go for vomiting. Natures way to get rid of digoxin. if you continue to give digoxin, you have serious side effects, like digoxin induced cardiac arrhythmias.

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