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It makes it less sleepy.

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Q: What effects does caffeine have on the body?
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Why is to much coffee bad?

It contains caffeine and caffeine is a drug that effects the body in various ways.

How does caffeine effect reaction times?

it effects the nervous system in some cases making the body have spasms

What effects do nicotine and caffene have on body?

Nicotine and caffeine are called stimulants. They get the heart pumping and give you energy.

What effects do chemicals such as caffeine have on unicellular organisms?

Chemicals like caffeine can have a stimulatory effect on unicellular organisms by increasing their metabolic rate and enhancing their activity. In some cases, caffeine can also act as a toxin, leading to cell death if the concentration is too high. Overall, the response to caffeine would depend on the species of unicellular organism and the concentration of caffeine present.

Does sugar have similar effects on the body as caffeine?

yes and no. yes, they can both make you hyper. no, your body already has sugar in it so you need a lot more sugar to be hyper. You don't need that much caffeine to get hyper.

What are the effects of caffeine on the body?

It depends on how much caffeine you have. Caffeine increases the speed of your heart rate and it can cause heart problems. As you probably know, most adults drink Coffee when they are tired. Coffee contains caffeine. By drinking coffee (consuming caffeine) it increases your heart rate and speeds up your body, giving you a burst of energy. Hope this helped ;)

Can caffeine harm little boys and girls?

Yes. Depending upon the body mass it can have even toxic effects.

Effects of caffeine on the human body?

the affects is that your body will stay active all day and night which could led to sleeping problems. I hope this helped you

What is the harmful short term effects of caffeine?

Some harmful short term effects of caffeine are increased alertness, makes your heart beat faster ,makes you go to the toilet more ,raises your body temperature,makes your digestive system produce more acid.

Do you need caffeine for your body?

No, the body does not need caffeine. People who are addicted to caffeine might think they need it, though.

How long does 160 mg of caffeine last?

If you meant, how much does the caffeine (from coffee) last in your system? Then the answer would depend on how tolerant you are to caffeine. People new to caffeine can have effects lasting 8-12 hours Regular consumers of caffeine will have effects lasting between 4-6 hours And hard users of caffeine will have effects lasting as little as 1-2 hours

How much caffeine is too much?

It depends on body weight and sensitivity to caffeine but 500 to 600 milligrams of caffiene per day, or about 5 to 6 cups of coffee can cause unwanted side effects.