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What effect would playing a hard gme of Netball have on the quantity and composition of the urine

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Q: What effect does having a bath have on the quantity and composition of urine?
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What effect does having a bath would have on the quantity and composition of urine?

What effect would playing a hard gme of netball have on the quantity and composition of the urine

What effect does eating a large amount of salty food have on the quantity and composition of your urine?

Small volume of concentrated urine.

What effect would having a bath have on the quantity and composition of urine?

It really depends on the person. A little child may choose to go in the tub, while an adult would wait to urinate. The composition would change very little, as the water from the bath can't cleanse the urine. The quantity could change as well from very little to a lot. ;)

If a tumor of the glucocorticoid-secreting cells of the adrenal cortex crowds out the cells that produce aldosterone what is the likely effect on urine composition and volume?

increase urine composition and increace volume

Define the urine composition?

give detail of urine composition?

What effect would eating two chocolate bars have on the quantity and concentration of the urine?

it makes it go purple and spakerly

How long do shrooms stay in your urine?

If you are referring to the toxic effect of certain mushrooms then it varies. It depends on the variety and the quantity

Is there urine in the composition of tear drops?


What is composition of cow urine?


How will milk affect your composition of urine?

Has some sort of chemical in it that affects urine

3 What effect does running a marathon have on the quantity and concentration of urine?

When you run a marathon you get very hot and the body has to use the water in your system to cool itself down which makes the urine more concentrated because there isn’t as much water in it. It also makes a smaller quantity of urine come out of the body because the water that would usually come out as part of the urine would have already come out as sweat from the body trying to cool itself down.

What is the freezing point of 'urine'?

"The freezing point of Human Urine is -120 degrees Celsius" This seems to be extraordinarily low. The answer must be that it depends on the concentration of urine, which depends on the quantity of salts, urea, and various other organic substances present. With human urine, that depends mainly on fluid intake, and next the diet. Urine from vegetarians is somewhat different to that from carnivores. Other factors will also cause variation in the composition , such as if the source led a sedentary or an active lifestyle. Age and sex also affect the composition of urine, as do metabolic and genetic factors. The volume of fluid drunk naturally affects the concentration of urine, as does the nature of the fluid - alcohol or coffee, for example. Finally, the age of the urine will affect the chemical composition. Rancid urine has much more free ammonia, and ammonium salts, and a lot less urea than a fresh sample.

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