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They cause new neurons to be formed in the memory areas of the brain.

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Q: What effect do repetition and rehearsal have on the brain?
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The conscious repetition of information in order to maintain it in memory is called?


What is a synonym for practice?

Repetition, rehearsal, exercise, preparation, training, run-through, and drill.

How can the word 'repetition' be used in a sentence?

"Repetition" is a noun which means reiteration, repeat, rehearsal, recurrence, or reduplication. "Don't forget kids today we are doing a repetition for the school play" "I received a C on my paper because I used a lot of repetition of information."

What effect does repetition give?

Repetition gives emphasis to whatever is repeated.

What is the difference between maintenance rehearsal and elaborative rehersal?

Maintenance rehearsal involves simple repetition of information to keep it in short-term memory, while elaborative rehearsal involves making connections and associations with existing knowledge to better encode information into long-term memory. Elaborative rehearsal is more effective for deeper understanding and retention of information compared to maintenance rehearsal.

The repetition of beginning sounds for effect is called what?


How does practicing something help you learn?

It was proven by the Psychologist, Hermman Ebbinghaus, that conscious repetition or rehearsal, helps the brain encode information. Although, he discovered that the amount of information you will remember depends strictly on how longyou study. Also, even after repetition, "overlearning" (more reviewing) increases our ability to remember the information.Basically, the theory of "practice makes perfect" is true. Studying longer and practicing will definitely help you learn and memorize. :)

What is a repetition of letters in a word called?

Alliteration is the repetition of the same consonant sounds and assonance is the repetition of the same vowel sounds.

How does pork effect the brain?

Any effect of pork on the brain.

Is Hyperbole a repetition device?

No, hyperbole is not a repetition device. Hyperbole is a figure of speech where exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, while repetition involves repeating words or phrases for rhetorical or stylistic purposes.

What effect does the repetition have on the reader in john Henry?

It attracts them and repetition is catchy so it also makes the reader want to read more. And they like it.

What do poets accomplish with the use of repetition?

Poets use repetition to emphasize key ideas or emotions, create a sense of rhythm or musicality in their writing, and reinforce thematic elements throughout a poem. Repetition can also help to draw the reader's attention to specific details or images, making them more impactful and memorable.