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you die

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Q: What effect do other tablets have when taking rosehip?
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Can taking norethisterone have any effect on the implanon?

Taking norethistherone does not have any effect on the implanon and the other contraceptives.

What does raspberry tea tablets for you?

Raspberry tea tablets are great for women to take as they help to strengthen the uterus and reduce the pain of cramping. However, before taking the tablets, you should speak with your doctor to make sure they do not interact with other medications you take.

How much spirulina should athletes take before work out?

Start with taking 2 tablets and gradually increase up to 6 tablets a day over a period of 3 days. The reason for this is that as with other new foods, your digestion may need a few days to adjust.

Can you use the apple store on tablets?

it depends if the tablet is apple or not if not then there currently is no app to do so on other tablets

Why do horses need rosehip?

Horses don't need rosehip, or any other herb or supplement - they do just fine on a balanced diet of roughage (hay or grass) supplemented with just enough grain to provide sufficient energy for their workload. Most horses also benefit from a mineral salt block, although this is not necessarily required. Rosehip is derived from a plant and is said to have medicinal properties that protect both the liver and the joints. However, there is absolutely no proof of this in any scientific literature. Also, herbal supplements are not regulated like any other feed for horses - there is no requirement for concentration of active ingredient or primary source andthere is no oversight for the manufacturing or safety of these products.

Can you crush sucralfate tablets?

My FIL was just prescribed sucralfate for a gastric ulcer. His doctor told him the liquid form is much more expensive so he advised him to crush tablets and mix them with water instead. He advised him not to mix it with any other liquid.

What effect can caffeine have on other medications?

Caffeine may cause problems for people with certain medical conditions or who are taking certain medicines.

How does taking honey any time in the day affect your bodyIs it good or bad for health.somebody told me that it has a heating effect on body other says that it has a coolig effect on the body. how it?

Haha i dont now

What is meant IP in tablets?

In medicine, the letters "IP" on tablets are used to signify that the medication is not a generic brand. On the other hand, the letters "BP" printed on tablets mean that the medication is generic.

If you are on two or more other medications can this make the pill ineffective?

It depends on the medications you are also taking. Antibiotics will effect how birth control work.

What was one beneficial effect the German occupation had?

No benefits unless you are in favor of the deportation of Jews

Are Sprint tablet pcs a good deal compared to other tablets?

Sprint offers a wide variety of tablets at different price points. Their Galaxy tablets cost anywhere from $200 to $500.