What does your nerves are shot mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is often used to mean that one has been under significant stress or trauma and could be upset or agitated very easily.

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Q: What does your nerves are shot mean?
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Is shot an adjective?

Yes, it can be, rarely (shot silk, shot nerves). The word shot is the past tense and past participle of the verb "to shoot."

If you get shot in the leg will your leg still work?

That would depend greatly on where you were shot. If shot in the leg, chances of survival are good but you always need to watch with certain nerves and arteries.

What does you suffer from the nerves mean?

Suffering form nerves usually means you are stressed

What does 'the drain on my nerves and on my pocket was considerable' mean?

It means that you have a lot of nerves of that you are very nervous

What does it mean when your tastebuds are not working?

the nerves are damaged

What hurts more getting shot in the knee or in the elbow?

Knee by far. The knee has a lot of nerves that the elbow doesn't have

What does c'est m'enerve mean?

It translates to "That gets on my nerves"

What does the word Neurodevelopment mean?

the development of the nerves system

What does it mean to urk a person?

It means get on their nerves or irritate them

My Friend Says That I'm Getting On her Nerves and she was mean to me for no reason and I was with my other friend?

Maye your friend said you were getting on her nerves and she was mean to you because she is jealous of your other friend.

Why do i Feel weak after shot in the spine?

The spine is the base of all nerves and keeps the body up straight. so yes, you cant move well with your nerves all over the place and your body falling over

What does fatally shot mean?

Fatally shot means that "He was shot with consequences and implications"