What does whos your daddy mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Who's Your Daddy

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"Who's your daddy?" is originally a sexual referance regarding Submission. When a man and a woman.... get together, it's not uncommon for her to refer to him as "daddy" or "papi", she is basically being obedient to him and stroking the male's dominant ego, because he knows subconsciously that she loves and obeys her father.

The term has been so heavily used that the family relationship meaning, if ever there was one, is lost and now daddy is synonymous with "baby" or other petnames, albeit more pillow -talk

When someone says "who's your daddy?", they are pretty much calling you their b**ch. It's commonly used among testosterone-driven males when competing.

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It's just a very rude and nonsense comment that males say to others when they think they can over rule them. It's kind of like when people say "that's not what you're momma said last night" but that is somewhat in another categories, that is more like you're trying to anger the person you are talking to!

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Q: What does whos your daddy mean?
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