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Makes them stupid and produces a tard baby.

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Q: What does weed do to pregnant women?
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Can I get pregnant while smoking weed?

Of course. Weed is not a contraceptive.

How bad is it to smoke weed while pregnant or is it okay?

any smoking while pregnant is terrible. im all for weed but if your pregnant its a bad idea

Pregnant women which is better for baby smoking weed or smoking cigarettes?

They are both harmful. If you are pregnant, quit both of those substances along with alcohol, caffeine and other drugs not recommended by a doctor.

Is smoking weed while pregnant bad?


Can you get pregnant if your taking weed but on implant?

Definitely not.

Should women smoke weed in front of their children?

Women shouldn't be smoking weed period, so the answer is no and no. If you know of someone smoking weed report them to the police.

Is it bad to smoke weed qhen your pregnant?

Ya, why were you wondering?

Almonds is good for pregnant women or not?

almonds is good for pregnant women.

If your boyfriend smokes weed can he get you pregnant?

Honey any man with sperm can get you pregnant, But smokign weed does sometimes cause sperm count to become low and not active. Try asking a doctor.

What were Bob Marley interests?

weed and women

Can pregnant women have a colposcopy?

Women who are pregnant, or who suspect that they are pregnant, must tell their doctor before the procedure begins. Pregnant women can, and should, have a colposcopy if they have an abnormal Pap test.

How can you get your girl pregnant if you smoke weed i smoke weed and i havent got her pregnant and we've been trying it for over a year almost two ok but without stoping smoking it?

Stop smoking it.