What does two-fold mean?

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It means "twice as much", i.e "doubled".

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Q: What does two-fold mean?
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What does duplex mean in latin?

Duplex is Latin for "double". It literally means "twofold".

What is the best description of a duplex?

Duplex commonly means double or twofold. It can also mean a two floor apartment.

What are the twofold and the threefold divisions of history?

Twofold is before and after Christ. Threefold is Ancient History, Medieval History and Modern History.

What is a word for two fold?

Other words for "twofold" (also two-fold) are dual, double, paired, coupled, or twin. (e.g. a twofold reason for proceeding)In math, a twofold increase simply means that a rate has doubled.

What is the compound word of double?

twofold doubleheader

Can twofold mean on the other hand?

I wouldn't use them interchangeably. If something is twofold, it has two steps or parts as in a twofold solution. On the other hand is an expression we use to introduce a contradiction or alternative: if we buy the less expensive freezer, we will save money now; on the other hand, we may spend more in the long run by having higher energy costs. The two terms cannot be used interchangeably in these sentences.

What is a twofold message?

A message that contains two meanings.

A twofold dilution is a series of what?

1:2 dilutions

What was the twofold purpose of the chivalric code?

The twofold purpose of the chivalric code was to fuse the religious and fighting spirits and to bring the fighting man in accord with Christian theory.

What is a synonym for double?

coupled, paired, twin, duplicate, dual, twofold

What is the synonym of double?

coupled, paired, twin, duplicate, dual, twofold

What is the synonym of twice?

double, doubly, once over, over again, twofold

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