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Potassium is a really important element for your body, and helps nerves to fire. Without sufficient quantities of it (a condition called hypokalaemia) you can develop cardiac inexcitability, slow movement, alkalosis confusion, coma and possibly even death.

That said, the body needs to regulate potassium very tightly, as too much (hyperkalaemia) can cause a racing heart rate, muscle spasms, acidosis and also death.

The body is well adapted to dealing with excess potassium. Much of it is stored in muscle cells, red blood cells and liver cells.

The kidney deals with much of the excretion of excess potassium. However, if it's damaged (for example, in chronic kidney disease) it can't do this as effectively, and potassium can build up in the blood, which can cause some the effects described earlier. It's not the high potassium itself that's likely to be doing the damage to the kidney, more that damaged kidneys cannot process potassium.

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Yes drinking too much water stress the kidneys by increasing blood volume - forcing extra fluids into body tissue and will even kill you.

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Q: What does too much potassium do to your kidneys?
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too much protein can cause strain on the kidneys too much protein can cause strain on the kidneys

What is Sympthom of too much potassium?

A symptom (sometimes misspelled as sympthom) of too much potassium is slow or abnormal heart rate. Too much potassium can also cause weakness.

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What is one very interesting fact about potassium?

While it is very important to the healthy functioning of the body, it is very important it is expelled from the body as too much can result in rapid heart rate and heart attacks. It is expelled by the kidneys so if you have kidney problems, you have to be very careful about Potassium consumption.

Can hot flushes be caused by too much potassium?

Hot flushes are not typically caused by too much potassium in the body. Hot flushes are commonly associated with hormonal changes during menopause, certain medications, or medical conditions. It is important to consult a healthcare provider for a proper evaluation if you are experiencing hot flushes.

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Potassium balance is regulated by the kidneys, which adjust potassium excretion in response to changes in dietary intake or levels in the blood. Aldosterone, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, also plays a key role in regulating potassium balance by increasing potassium secretion in the kidneys. Disruption in these regulatory mechanisms can lead to either hyperkalemia (high potassium) or hypokalemia (low potassium) in the body.

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