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There is no meaning it's a name of a person and it's Hindu.

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Q: What does the word babu mean in marwari?
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What is the Apache word for grandfather?

Grandfather = Shi'choo

How many marwari horses are in America?

There are less then 15 Marwari horse in North America

What does babu mean in Swahili?

It means 'Grandfather'.

How do make a Marwari breed on Howrse?

I have a Marwari, my name on Howrse is FabFriesians, please visit my page and congratulate me :)Hi,play on and I have a Marwari. My name is Hending.I am currently trying to get a marwari. I have 12 horses on horse. Visit my page at luv_warrior. You probably didn't see any marwari at the auction because they haven't come out yet. If you check now, there are lots of marwaris for sale.Hi, I have a Marwari called Mexina! My login name is Otto6 check out my page and if you like send me a friend request! I bred my Marwari! Mexina has offered to milkybru's horse Hettie!YIPPEEE!

What is the caste of bajaj?

bajaj is marwari

What is the Swahili words for grandmother and grandfather?

Babu is the word for grandfather. Bibi is the word for grandmother.

What is the word 'grandfather' in some of the languages of Africa such as Zulu Dinka Sesotho or Swahili?

Grandfather:Zulu = umkhuluDinka =Sesotho =Swahili = babu

Is kanodia thakur or not?

I know a kanodia and they are marwari bania.

Which caste is saraogi?

Saraogi are basically Jain Marwari

Where are Marwaris found?

Marwari is a word used for the people of Rajasthan, marwadis are named after a region called marwar. Its also a business clan and scattered across world by the time. You can find them in almost all business towns and localities in India. There is also a breed of horse called the Marwari and it is from the Marwar region of India.

What is the Kikuyu word for the English word grandfather?

The Kikuyu word for the English word grandmother is "bibi."

What nicknames does Linga Babu go by?

Linga Babu goes by Babu.