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It comes out of a cell

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A sickness

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Q: What does the word Active Virus mean?
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That the cold virus is an active virus or a hidden virus?

active virus

Is the west nile virus a active or hidden virus?

an active one

Is influenza virus a hidden virus or an active virus?

You do not categorize virus into hidden or active category. That way, every virus is hidden inside the cell. It can not grow outside the cell. Every virus is active. Otherwise it would have disappeared from the race of life. It is very interesting to know about the virus. Now you study it. Tomorrow the world will learn from you.

Is an active virus a virus?

Yes. It is called an active virus only because it is a virus that starts multiplying right away.

What is an example of active virus?

The common cold is a great example of an active virus. Also, the flu and the herpes virus are also considered to be active viruses.

Was the influenza virus a hidden virus?

No it is an active virus.

What latin word was virus derived from?

virus is derived from latin virus that mean slimy, poisonous, or toxin.

What does the word active mean?


Is rota virus active or latent?


What type of virus is not active inside of you?

This is called a latent virus.

Is the goggle virus real?

The goggle virus is no longer active.

What makes the influenza an active virus?

because afteer entering a cell an active virus immeddinately goes into action.