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Q: What does the triangle on pop bottles mean?
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What is lil wayne's most famous song?

Pop bottles

When was Bottle Pop created?

Pop Bottles was created on 2007-06-15.

What are the most frequently recycled objects?

the most frequent object recycled is pop cans and pop bottles.

What do poping bottles mean?

poping bottles mean to drink a lot

Where can you find the lyrics to Wiz Khalifa's song ''Pop Bottles''?


How many milliliters are in 2 litter bottles of pop?

That is 2,000 ml

a utensil for removing crowns from beer /pop bottles?

Bottle opener

What happened to 24 oz soda pop bottles?

as far as i know, no there has not.

What Lil Wayne music video sHow is him playing basketball?

Pop Bottles!

Why do pop bottles never filled all the to the top?

why do lady bugs have spots

How do you pop bottles in the ice?

like a blizzard. Note that if you are doing it right you will get slizzered!

What type of plastic are herbal essences bottles made out of?

It has the 1 in the triangle which means it is Polyethylene.