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Social care is when people work in partnership with those who experience a disadvantage or have special needs. These include physical disabilities, homeless, and people with alcohol dependency.

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Q: What does the term social care mean?
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What is meant by the term duty of care in health and social care?

For a care giving organization, having a duty of care simply means to provide quality care for the residents or patients. It is a caregiver's duty to ensure the health and safety of the people they are responsible for.

Will social security pay for long term care?

Social Security doesn't pay for any medical care. Medicare will pay for group care for a limited period when necessary for rehabilitation.

What does the term social studies mean?

It means that it is a social history that your studying.

The term social cause refers to a?

problem that people rally around because they care about it.

What does informed choices mean in the care sector?

what does the term informed choice mean

Long term care providers for medicaid recipients?

Contact the social services department of your local hospital.

Answer key for Module 13 Long term care resident?

Long-term care for residents involves providing assistance with activities of daily living, medical care, and social support in a residential setting. Residents in long-term care facilities may have functional or cognitive impairments that require specialized care and services. The goal of long-term care is to promote quality of life and maintain the highest level of independence possible for each resident. Communication, empathy, and person-centered care are essential skills for staff working with long-term care residents.

What does labeling mean in relation to health and social care?

giving people labels,negative ones. it is unprofessional and different levels/ standards of health and social care can be given to particular individuals

Where can I find NVQ 2 Caring Answers?

You have to remember that the NVQ level 2 in social care is a grounding and relates to NVQ 3 in social care too, i mean that some of the units cross over. Spend some time fine tuning your answers for the NVQ level 2 in social care and this will help your level 3 social care qualification too. A site which provides the answers for NVQ 2 Social Care is:

What is labelling mean in social care service?

it means where you label someone with out even knowing them

What does the word elevation mean in the social studies term?

In social studies, the term elevation refers to a person's socio-economic status or standing within a society. It can also mean the degree of influence or power a person holds in a particular group or community.

What does duty of care mean in social care?

duty of care is the obligation to exercise a certin amout of care towards another person to make sure they are not hurt, treated unfairly or disadvantaged.