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Each medicine has an approved name called the generic name. A group of medicine that have similar actions often have similar sounding generic names

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Q: What does the term approved name of medication mean?
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What is meant by the term approved?

What it is meant by the term approved is that something is allowed. Approved can mean that a person won't have a problem and lets you do what you ask.

What does jx in medicine mean?

There is a medication with the letters JX in the name but there is no meaning listed for a medical term JX. maybe indicate jaundice

What does the term dot approved mean when pertaining to tires?

"Dot" is "DOT" - Department of Transportation. So DOT Approved means "Approved by the Department of Transportation".

What does the term void mean?

In medication terminology, it often means "urinate."

What is the name of the term when the medication is placed directly within the muscle?


What is the generic term for Claritin?

Claritin is a brand name for the medication loratadine. It is a second generation antihistamine.

What does the term sewa mean?

does it mean that sewa is a name

What does the term parenternal medication administration mean?

Anything that bypasses the GI tract. Injections and Intravenous would be parenteal.

What is the medical term meaning a medication that counteracts another medication?

An antagonist counteracts another medication.

What is the medical term for the medication named for its chemical structure and not protected by a brand name is known?

I think what you're referring to is a 'generic' product. Where it is a medication that performs exactly the same as a branded medicine.

What does antithrombotic effect mean?

it is a term used used to describe the treatments or drugs (medication) to stop blood forming clots.

What does the term proprietary name mean in medications?

It is the Brand Name of a Drug.