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Q: What does the symbol three dots over triple t mean in a prescription mean?
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What does three dots represent in math?

three dots represents the therefore symbol

What is the shorthand symbol for therefore?

three dots arranged in a triangle.

Shat is the meaning of a tattoo with three dots in a circle?

That is the buddhist symbol for karma

What Does the triple dot thing mean?

Three dots forming a small triangle means "therefore"

What is the medical symbol for therefore?

The medical symbol for therefore is the same one used in math: three dots in an equilateral triangle pattern.

Is there a symbol for due to?

Yes, it is an upside down "therefore" symbol. i.e. three dots forming a triangle with a flat top and point at the bottom.

What is the Mayan symbol for the number 13?

The Mayans used a combination of dots and lines to represent their numbers. The number thirteen is represented by three dots on top of two horizontal lines.

Lewis dot structure of boron?

the Lewis structure of B or Boron would have three small dots posing as electrons. These dots can be placed anywhere around the B symbol.

What is this clothing logo three dots over four dots?

i believe it is called three dots

Sideways triangle three dots three lines three dots and sideways triangle what is this symbol?

three dots in a triangle, usually found on the skin between the thumb and forefinger, is popular amongst people. For Hispanic and Asian gangs, the three dots signify mi vida loca ("my crazy life") in Spanish, and tôi ở cần gì cả("I need nothing") in Vietnamese it means you live a crazy life and arent afraid of risks

What are three dots in Morse code?

three dots is the letter 'S'

What is hence symbol?

Hence is an equal-sign w/ an arrow at the end "=>" Used to be three dots in the form of a triangle -often read as 'therefore'