What does the suffix -logist?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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indicating a person skilled or involved in a branch of study denoted by a noun ending in -logy (such as biologist corresponding to Biology).

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Q: What does the suffix -logist?
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What is the suffix for ophthalmologist?


What does the suffix -logist mean in the term sociologist?

-ologist means the person who studies.

Words ending on word logist?


What is the origin of dermatologist?

The word 'dermatology', recorded in 1819, comes from the Greek derma, meaning skin, leather, or hide, plus the Greek suffix -logy, meaning science (of) or branch of learning or knowledge.The term 'dermatologist' comes into English from the same roots as above, with the suffix -logist, meaning practitioner of, or expert, or learned, in, added in 1861.

What suffix means one who does?

There are many suffixes that mean the person who. They include -ant, -aholic, -an/ian, -ar, -ard, -arian, -er, -ist, -loger/logist, -or, -path, -phile, and -plegic.

What do you call a person who studies feet?

Podologist pod/o- (Foot) -logist (one who studies)

What do you call someone who studies a certain subject?

Other than saying the person is a "specialist in..." or a "... major" (if in college), there's the use of the suffix "-logist" or "-ologist" for experts/scholars in particular fields: antropologist, paleontologist, mineralogist, theologist, meteorologist, biologist, bacteriologist... "TheEnglish suffix -ology or -logydenotes a field of study or academicdiscipline, and -ologist describes a person who studies that field. (source:

What does the medical terminology combining form -logist mean?

A person who specializes in a particular field of science or study.

What has the author M S Wingersky written?

M. S. Wingersky has written: 'Logist user's guide'

One who studies and explains human behavior?

Anthropologist Anthr/o- (Man) -logist (One who specializes in the study or treatment of)

Is neglectful a prefix or suffix?

Neglectful combines "neglect" with the suffix "-ful".

What is the suffix of the undoing?

The suffix for undo is to not do.