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a boy and roses and a beautifully room big pool my perfect dream guy and my fav song witch is hey ya by outcast

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Q: What does the speaker most desire in Dream Variations?
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What does the white day most likely symbolize in the poem Dream Variations by Langston Hughes?

The white day in the poem "Dream Variations" by Langston Hughes most likely symbolizes freedom, purity, and the possibility of a brighter future untainted by racial discrimination and segregation. It represents the poet's dream of a world where racial equality and harmony exist.

What does it mean to have a dream of my jailed boyfriend coming home from prison?

The interpretation depends on whether your boyfriend is actually in jail or whether that is also an element of the dream. The most probable meaning is that you long for your boyfriend to be justified of some wrongdoing.

What does your dream mean when you dream of the guy that likes you?

Often in our dreams what we see is what we desire to achieve. Most dreams doesn't have a meaning, they are just a reflection of our thoughts. Maybe its just that you've been thinking about it lately or fall asleep thinking about him.

What does it mean to dream of a sleeping baby?

There are many who believe that dreams about babies originate from a desire for simplicity and innocence. A sleeping baby is perhaps the most innocent vision of all and may come from a heartfelt desire for peace and harmony in your life and your relationships.

What does it mean when someone is caring you in a dream?

Being carried in a dream frequently means you have a desire to drop your own responsiblities and have someone else take care of you. If the person carrying you is somone you know, then that is most likely the person you want looking after you, be that parent, spouce or friend. If you do not know or can not identify the person carrying you, your desire is more of a generic desire to be without responsiblities, or a return to a younger age or time when eevrything was taken care of by others.

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Buying in your dream signifies the money you only have right now, the lottery only pop up because of your unfulfilled desire on establishing business you want, so its not because you are a gambler... Answer: The dream does not predict any future event or what sort of luck you will have. It suggests that you are considering a risky decision that, like a lottery, has no basis in reason. You have no way of making a choice based on research or recommendation. The dream represents your mind's effort to decide whether or not to take the risk.

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