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Certified registered nurse practiontioner

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Q: What does the letters after your name mean c r n p in the medical field?
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What does PHDPA C mean when used behind a persons name in the medical field?

The last two letters "PA" means "Professional Association"

What do the letters DO mean after a psychologist's name?

The letters DO after a psychologist's name (probably a psychiatrist actually) mean Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. That is the name of the degree the psychologist earned after completing four years of medical school in the United States.

What does MPH mean after someone's name in medical field?

It means master of public health, not masters in public health.i

What do the letters ms mean after a doctor's name?

The letters after a physician's name represent the degree obtained in medical school. In the United States there are two equivalent medical degrees: D.O. and M.D. The degree of D.O. stands for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and M.D. stands for Doctor of Medicine.

What do the letters MS LMFT mean after a name?

MS stands for Medical Surgeon LMFT stand for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

What do the letters JP mean after a doctors name?

It has nothing to do with medical qualifications, it merely shows the doctor is also a Justice of The Peace (Magistrate)

What does jx in medicine mean?

There is a medication with the letters JX in the name but there is no meaning listed for a medical term JX. maybe indicate jaundice

What does RD abbrev mean after doctor name?

RD in the medical field means Registered Dietician.

What is another name for super bill in the medical field?

encounter form

What do the letters Tr after someone's name mean?


What instrument is used for Document Scanning in Medical field?

As in any field, a scanner is used for document scanning of medical records. Brand name companies such as HP and Canon manufacture scanners that are widely used in medical offices.

What do the letters after a solicitor's name mean?

Those letters identify the type of university law degree he has.