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ambient air

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Q: What does the high volume aerodynamic particle sizer biological detection equipment sample?
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Can a quark be observed through a microscope?

No, their detection requires a collider, they are a subatomic particle and their existence is inferred by their affect on other particle of matter, not by light waves.

Does SIC 3699 cover establishments making high-energy particle acceleration systems and equipment?

It includes establishments making high-energy particle acceleration systems and equipment

Why is the Higgs Boson referred to as the God Particle?

The Higgs boson is referred to as the God particle for the reason that this kind of particle is predicted in physics theory of the Standard Model. Although the particle has nothing to do with God, the belief is, that the detection of this particle would lead to many explanations about the creation of the universe and the big bang and what caused it.

What has the author Hal Hellman written?

Hal Hellman has written: 'Atomic particle detection' 'Controlled guidance systems'

What is it called when a particle transports requires input of energy from a cell?

Active biological Transport.

What is the purpose of particle count test?

A particle count test is usually done using a hand held particle counter. The purpose is to sort aerosolized particles into different aerodynamic sizes and then count in units of x/cubic meter of air. Airborne particle counts are done to monitor clean-room atmospheres and air environments in the workplace.

What is the advantage of particle immunoassays?

This allows rapid and sensitive detection of antibodies that are markers of such diseases, as infectious mononucleosis and rheumatoid arthritis

What a biological particle composed of a nucleic acid core and a protein cover is called a?

Virus (singular-virion)

What is Idaho's goods and services?

computers, electrical equipment, farm equipment, fertilizer, food products, lumber, paper products, particle board

Which mask component contians material to filter chemical and biological agents and radioactive dust particle from the air?

c2 canister

Can liquid and gas particles diffuse together?

it depends what gas particle's you have but it does work if you have the right equipment.

What is a biological particle composed of a nucleic acid core and a protein cover called?

If it consists only of these two components it is a virus.