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The actual Christian 5th commandment says nothing about steroid use - it's "honor thy father and thy mother". If you're referring to the movie, "The fifth commandment", I don't know.

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Q: What does the fifth commandment have anything to do with steriod use?
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Does the fifth commandment demand that we respect and protect human life?

The Ten Commandments were not originally numbered, so although they were always considered to consist of ten commandments, there are minor differences in numbering. The fifth commandment in most Protestant Bibles tells us to honour our father and mother.The Catholic fifth commandment says "Do not kill." That is all it says.Of course, we want to protect human life to the extent we can, but we must look for other texts if we want to use religion to justify this basic human instinct.

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remember the fifth commandment. Honor thy father and mother. Just make an account and use it at school or whnever your mom isnt home, because if youre not catholic then the above statement does not apply to you

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Of the 10 Commandments, Thou shalt not use the Lord's name in vain

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